Steradian Graphics – a Dubai-based Visualisation Company – comprises a committed team of talented architects and graphic designers.

As a creative graphic resource for the real estate industry, we are an integral part of projects, from the initial stages of design development and marketing strategy.

For Steradian Graphics there is no absolute art or absolute design. Our endeavour is to discover aesthetics in every design and try to mirror the designer's ideas as closely as possible.

Progressing consistently, Steradian Graphics is recognised not only as a visualising company but also as a partner in design development and marketing solutions.

The Creative Process

The essence of good rendering is the rhythm of light and texture in creating images that represent the aesthetic dimensions of reality – to portray a restaurant as romantic or casual, a bedroom as luxurious or moody, a lobby as businesslike or residential.

Involving ourselves in various stages of project, planning, development of design or presentation, we bring to life the client’s vision in terms of creativity, aesthetics and moods.

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